Thursday, July 8, 2010

We made it through!

So i havn't posted since December but i have been too busy! As most of you know i just finished nursing school and just took boards yesterday. Not sure what the results are but i think it went well. I recently got offered a job in the operating room. I was super stoked about this job offer. I took it with open arms! I look back at the last two years and i cant believe how far i have come. I feel like it was yesterday when Collin was born and i was starting school. I had my doubts about caring for a new born and going to school but due to the fact that he was the best baby ever we all made it through. I met some great girls though all of this and i am so happy that i was able to follow my dreams. Here is a pic of my bro and i after getting pinned.
The man who supported me throught it all!

The mom who never gave up on me and always was there to give me guidance and support. As well as the awesome brother who i love!

Some of the girls who i went to school with.

And me before pinning

Summer is here!

Collin is a full on crazy man these days. He really has no fear of anything and puts up with alot from his older brother. One of these days when he gets stronger he will be the one with the boxing gloves on. He loves throwing everything and he loves to torment out dog Ruby.
Cameron is curious about everything! He wants to have an answer all the time and he wants it to be in his favor. He just asked me yesterday how babies get into their mom's tummies. I told him it is magic. He then asked me "i think that the mom has an egg in her tummy and the baby climbs into it". I thought that was a pretty good guess and told him he was correct. He will be in Kindergarden this fall at Liberty Christian School. We are hoping that a private school will challenge him and the extra one on one attention will benefit him.

Crazy Collin and dog Ruby

Our boys!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at Sun Peaks!

The first day at the mountain everyone wanted to go tubing. As soon as i walked down to where everyone one was i saw papa Dave and Cameron getting ready to go down the hill. (the pics are out of order). The pic below is them getting ready to go down and all of a sudden something flew off Dave's shoe and went into Cameron's eye. It was a tragedy as you can tell from the first picture. It reminded me of the Christmas movie when the little boy shot his eye....
Finally after Cameron calmed down he was able to go down a few times but i think the eye tragedy ruined his tube time.

Matt, Louise and Ryan took Cameron ice skating one day. I decided to stay home with Collin because i didn't want to hear the complaining. Cameron is our cautious child and he didn't want to go but once again he was forced. He did however skate for a little while...

Here are the old farts who paid for this vacation. They are in the hot tub with their sophisticated lemon drops. Come to think of it, the rest of us never got to try the lemon drops that were promised?

The future hockey player....clenching down on his ski ticket

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve was Matt and Loiuse's night to make dinner. Loiuse is an amazing cook and her and Matt cooked up some home made gumbo. I had never eaten gumbo before but it was awesome and everybody had seconds. After dinner the kids opened presents. Cameron's new thomas leapster game

Lightening Mcqueen jammies
The funniest part was watching Collin climb on all the boxes. Collin is Climmey Mcclimmer...he crawls up on everything! After Cameron opened his lego box, Collin climbed on top of it and Cameron wanted him off right away! The adults all thought this was the funniest thing to watch Collin push Cameron's buttons...something Collin does alot these days

Uncle Ken and Aunt Troylyn having fun at dinner with Collin

A little blue bow on the head and ALOT of drool!

Indoor activities

Mammie bought Collin a book and Collin actually sat on her lap and she read it to him twice!
Cameron always asks Dave why he doesnt have hair. Papa Dave decided to surprise Cameron and told him he took some hair medicine. Cameron was just shocked and couldnt believe that the medicine worked!

Papa Dave and cameron made a ginger bread train... what a pain these gingerbread houses can be!

Christmas Dinner in the dark!

Christmas dinner was defiently a dinner we all wont forget. My mom had just turned on the oven and was waiting for everyone to get back before she put the ham in. Just before everyone got home the house went dark. Cameron was upstaires watching a movie and we were all visiting when the lights went off. We all just were in complete shock. Soon after, the others made it back and we led them up the stairs with a flashlight. Thankfully we had candles, flashlights and lighters on hand. Since there was not much we could do about the dark we all decided to crack open some wine and cook the ham on the BBQ. We had an I-phone with some music and had a dance party in the kitchen. It was by far the funnest night we had. I guess it's tru, the freaks do come out at night!
Ryan and Louise dancing.....

Mammie even got down with her bad self and had a whooping 4 glasses of wine...Dave and his head lamp was a hit!

Matt and Loiuse cooking in the kitchen

More outdoor activities

Papa Dave carried Collin in the pack which was not a big deal compared to the pack he had climbing 64 miles up Bailey traverse
Gettin ready to go in the snow

On the last day we made Cameron take a ski lesson. He was not at all excited but he was forced! Here is Ryan and Uncle Matt helping him get geared up to go. We were dissapointed we didn't get any pics of him going down the hill but we didnt want him to see us when he was in his lesson.

Walking to the lesson with Ryan and Uncle Matt...Cameron camplaining the whole way i'm sure